Seeing the happiness on the parents’ face, when their child is sleeping better, healthier, behaving like their true self is priceless. Nicholas is 12 years old. And from an early age Nicholas suffered from colic and sleeping problems. He was diagnosed with a learning disorder, then ADHD, and when he entered our office was also experiencing headaches. He has seen multiple medical specialists with the same solution…more or different medication. After reading a book titled Disconnected Kids, his mother decides to take Nicholas in for a chiropractic evaluation. Within weeks of getting care, Nicholas was sleeping better and becoming less agitated, and his mother mentioned that he makes more eye contact and is more responsive when she talks to him. One day his mother comes home to see Nicholas doing his school project. This amazed his mother. Before, it would take an arm and a leg to get Nicholas to focus on a single task and now he is taking it upon himself to do his homework. He is even enjoying doing his school work now.

Why did Nicholas struggle with health issues so early in life? Did you know that 80% of births result in an injury to the neck? Furthermore, think about when your baby was learning how to crawl, learning how to walk, or even ride a bike. How many times did they bump their head, have a fall, or even a roll of the couch? Ouch! These are the subtle things that build tension and stress on the child’s spine and nervous system.

When there is stress on the child, it puts them in the flight or fight response. This will cause the baby to cry inconsolably, develop colic and digestive issues, lowered immune system, or even developmental challenges like ADHD.

If you have concerns about your child or just want them to live healthy fulfilled lives, reach out to us for a spinal and nerve system evaluation. The evaluation is gentle, noninvasive, and our technology is safe even while pregnant. We look forward to meeting you and your family soon.

Some of the many reason families seek our help are listed below:


  1. Difficulty Sleeping
  2. Digestive Trouble: reflux, colic, constipation
  3. Positional Discomfort
  4. Respiratory Problems: allergies and asthma
  5. Weak immune system: chronic ear infections and repetitive illness
  6. Behavioral and Neurological issues: ADD, ADHD, autism

Pregnancy and Chiropractic

  1. Decrease low back and sciatic pain
  2. Pelvic alignment for an easier birth
  3. Baby positioning or breech presentation
  4. Better sleep
  5. Stress reduction

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Dr. Vanessa Wolf gently performing an adjustment on an infant.

Dr. Tommy Wolf working with both mother and child, to help correct misalignment.