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About Us

The New Health Chiropractic Center was established by Dr. Tommy and Dr. Vanessa Wolf in 2013. We provide a fun, welcoming, and educational approach to health and healing. We strive to continually educate our clients on how to move better, think better, and live better.

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Our Approach

Our office provides a unique and progressive way of analyzing and caring for your Spine and Nervous System. We have neurological CoreScore technology that can measure the effects of the chemical, physical, and emotional stress of your lifestyle. We have an in house digital x-ray machine to measure structural and degenerative changes to your spine. Our chiropractic care combines spinal therapies with each adjustment. Each visit in the office builds off the last to create a healing momentum that will give you lasting results.

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Pregnancy and Pediatrics

Chiropractic is essential at any age! We are trained to work with women through fertility, pregnancy, and post-partum stages. We also care for infants and children to help them reach their greatest potential throughout all of their developmental stages. Dr. Vanessa is certified in the Webster technique.

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