Dr. Wolf

I never imagined that chiropractic would be such a big part of my life. This is not just a job or a good career to me, this is my passion. And I love helping all types of people of all ages in my practice. We use customized techniques and technology in our office to find the root cause of problems and address them without the use of drugs or surgery. We like to think of our patients as family, and we look forward to meeting you to find out if we can help.

For me, chiropractic was not part of my life until I was injured lifting weights when I was 24 years old. At the time, I was working as a personal trainer and had no previous experience with chiropractic. If anything, I thought that chiropractors were more like massage therapists. But when my first chiropractor explained how an adjustment influences all aspects of health through the nervous system, it just made sense. I had never heard about that connection before, but as a personal trainer I was well aware of how important the spine and nervous system is to our life.

As I pursued a career in chiropractic, my skepticism still remained. It almost seemed too good to be true. But when I started helping people with their spine problems, I watched as things like digestive issues, anxiety struggles, breathing troubles, and immune conditions were clearing up.
For me, I always needed proof to feel confident and satisfied with what I do. When I was a trainer, I could see the results in my clients as I showed them how to gain muscle, lose fat and get fit. Now I got to witness this as a Chiropractor. I was starting to realize that chiropractic was much more important than I imagined it to be. Now I see the miracles of chiropractic every single day.

And I believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience the benefits that extend well beyond pain relief. At one point in my life, I even put chiropractic to the test and decided to go an extended period without a regular adjustment. I had forgotten what it was like to live without chiropractic. After 30 days, a build up of tension occurred in my chest and back. I found myself getting super irritable and stressed. I could sleep at night but would wake up without feeling rested.

After that first adjustment, I immediately felt the tension begin to dissolve from my back and chest. I could stand up better and breathe better. I felt more relaxed and present. It sounds crazy to most people, but I just felt happier. And that’s when I knew for myself, chiropractic is more than just back and neck pain relief.

But I realize that most people are walking around with stress and tension all throughout their bodies. They are in pain, have low energy, are not sleeping well, and are just waiting for things to get worse. They have been led to believe that this is normal. If this is you, I understand because I have been there. But I want you to know that you do not have to live this way. And taking medications for symptoms and conditions only make the underlying problem worse.

This is why I am so passionate about what I do. We have plans for anyone to get our care and take pride in our reputation for helping our patients live life on their own terms.

If you are feeling the weight of stress, in pain, feeling depleted or just simply ready to take your health and wellness to the next level, we are here to help.

Dr. Vanessa

I first saw the miracles in myself after I got hit by a car crossing the street! Luckily, I didn’t break any bones but after the accident I started getting headaches, back spasms so bad I couldn’t sit in class or get comfortable. Thankfully my mom referred me to a chiropractor, and as they say “the rest is history”. Not only did I see amazing changes in my health, headaches and pain but, I saw them in other patients as well. From there, I switched my major and started my journey as a chiropractor.

Dr. Wolf and I have 2 young boys of our own that keep us busy outside of the practice. I was fortunate enough to have 2 amazing HOME BIRTHS myself and since then, I truly found a passion in helping families and pregnant women live a healthier, calmer, and stress free lives. We created a fun and welcoming environment that not only allows our patients to learn more about their bodies but helps them relax and have fun while healing.