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Posted on 12-15-2015

February - American Heart Month

It is no longer a secret that a healthy heart is a gateway to a healthy body. Apart from the brain, heart is one of the most vital organs that drive the complex machine of the human body. Recent studies and statistics from the World Health Organisation (WHO) have concluded that cardiovascular diseases account for a large percentage of deaths around the world. The most dangerous trend is the fact that often heart attacks come without prior warning and in almost 70% of the cases, the results are fatal.

A heart attack occurs when there is insufficient flow of blood due to congestion in the major arteries and veins which carry the blood to and fro from the heart. But there is nothing to be terrified of as long as the basic premise of cardiovascular disorders are kept in mind and protective measures are taken which go a long way in reducing the chances of a heart ailment.

Cardiovascular Disorders – Causes:

There is no absolute cause that can be pinpointed for the occurrence of heart ailments. But scientists and doctors have attributed some of the below reasons as possible deterrents to a healthy heart.

  1. Stress: Stress is synonymous to today’s lifestyle. In an era of technological advancement we have lost the simplicity of life. We are forced to work harder than our peers to justify our utility to the employer. We have to work extra to ensure a better life. Tension and stress are baggage that we most definitely carry with us all around. Stress and mental tensions attribute to a large percentage of heart attacks. Reduced physical activities coupled with irregular food habits stand out as one of the major causes of heart ailments.
  2. Obesity: Obesity is one cancer which treated as early as possible will help reduce the no. of heart attacks.

 Ways to Reduce Heart Ailments:

Heart Ailments could be reduced by a large percentage if the below pointers are practiced on a regular basis:

  1. Stress Free Life: A life without stress is a life without hear attacks. Meditations go a long way in releasing stress as airing s indulging time in activities that one likes. Spending quality time and sharing with dear ones also help in reducing stress thereby negating hear ailments to a large extent.

  1. Healthy Diets: Avoid Small Dense ‘LDL’ cholesterols as they tend to build up plaques in the arteries and tend to block the flow of blood. All types of processed foods to be avoided. Increase intakes of Fresh fruits and vegetables, low to moderate intake of  high quality proteins ,  high quality healthy fat and a balanced ratio of Omega-3 and Omega 6 fatty acids help a lot in keeping cardiovascular diseases at bay

  1. Increased Physical Activity: Regular walks, cardio exercises and/or bicycling should be a part of the daily regimen to ensure that the body stays fit and not prone to frequent cardiac problems.

  1. No Smoking and Limited Alcohol Consumptions: Moderate amount of good quality liquor (10 to 30ml a day) is good for the heart but no so in case of smoking. Increase exposure to tobacco smokes not only congests the heart but also increases pneumonic and lung problems.

  1. Less use of Diabetic Drugs: It has been analysed that Metformin, primarily a Diabetes controlling Drug triggers low levels of Thyroid –Stimulating Hormone (TSH) among people diagnosed with Hypothyroidism thereby giving rise to various heart issues- atrial fibrillation which further paves the way for congestive heart diseases. Thus the less use of synthetic drugs the better it is for the heart.

Chiropractic Care for Heart Ailments

“Vertebral subluxations” a medical term for spinal misalignments and related abnormalities, results in neurological interference along the spine and nervous system. The cascading effects often cause abnormal cholesterol metabolism and neuroendocrine events. Spinal correction through “Chiropractic Adjustment” is one of the most effective ways to treat Heart ailments, without the need for any prescription drugs and harmful pills.


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