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Posted on 12-15-2015

Stress Awareness Month

"Stress is not a state of mind... it's measurable and dangerous, and humans can't seem to find their off-switch."  The words ring loud from renowned author and award-winning neurobiologist Robert Sapolsky in the documentary Stress: Portrait of a Killer.

Stress is a baggage that each one of us has to carry with us all around. It is an ordeal that every person in today’s world goes through. Be it work or financial pressures or be it relationship traumas – the outcome is the same. Stress is a potential killer if not negotiated correctly. It might not have an immediate devastating result as a cardiac arrest or Stage-3 Cancer, but it is equally potent, albeit dangerous as it corrodes the human body within. More- so because Stress has been accounted for as the most important factor for cardiac diseases, depression and a host of other diseases that plagues the mankind in today’s world.

It is a common idea that resorting to watching TV, consuming alcohol or eating junk foods can be ways to release stress which actually does more harm to the body than take one out of the melancholic state of mind.

Effective ways to Reduce Stress:

As already mentioned, stress if not negotiated timely can be a potent killer which might as well push an individual to the limits of frustration to commit suicide or can very well give rise to multiple health issues. Best way to negotiate stress is to lead a happy life and remain oblivious to stressful situations and people. Below mentioned are effective stress reduction techniques that have been effective to quite an extent:

a.Avoid Stressful People and Stressful Situations: Do not engage in conversation and interaction with people who are hyper sensitive or who are prone to get stressed. Avoid situations which are too nerve wracking and stressful.

b. Adjusting Expectations: Limit your expectations to a level which is easy to attend. Let’s not set the goals too high just to compete with a peer.

c.Say ‘No’: Learning to say No at the right moment will ease our life to an extent that we do not have to stress ourselves to achieve unattainable targets.

d.Express Feelings: Feelings are like Soda Can froth. The more you keep it under wraps the more stressful it becomes. Open up your mind and see the stress fizz out.

e.Increased Flexibility: Be more flexible and adjusting towards what you receive. As you start accepting things more normally than is usual for you, there will be a marked decrease in the stress levels.

  1. Be Positive: Rather than looking at the negative aspects of life, try looking at the better and positive side of things. Once this becomes a habit, you will be hardly stressed.

  1. Effective Time Management: Life is not all about work. Equal importance has to be given to family, your own likings. Primarily one should learn to prioritize his activities. Once a master in setting priorities, effective time management follows suit. If a man is able to devote time to all walks of his life, he is to get distressed over time.

  1. Indulge in Physical Activities: An extension to point (g), reserve some time for your own physical well-being. A healthy and fit body is the perfect walkway for e-stressing.

So what else? Happy De-Stressing!!!!!!!!



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