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Posted on 12-15-2015

Thermography over Mammograms – The better option?

Breast Cancer is one of the most widely observed forms of cancer among women, which when detected at an early stage is absolutely curable though there’s a rare possibility of a breast loss. Mammograms and Thermography are two of the most popular diagnostic procedures that help to detect and measure the extent of malignancy in a patient. However there have been relentless debates as to which one is better equipped to handle such a sensitive situation. Before we move on to analyze the pros and cons of both these procedures, let us first understand each of them.


It is the process of using low-energy X-Rays to examine human breasts for the early detection of Breast cancer among women through detection of characteristic masses and micro calcifications.


Thermography or Medical Infrared Imaging is an advanced imaging technique which uses the basic infrared imaging principle – that of warm objects standing out against cooler backgrounds.

Which is better - Mammography or Thermography?

There have been relentless debates among physicians and bio-medical engineers on Thermography and Mammograms as to which one is a safer alternative of detecting cancer.

While Thermography uses Infrared Sensors to detect abnormal growths by studying the collective heat profile of the area that has been imaged, Mammography is more of a structural imaging technology which pinpoints the area of the growth. Even though Mammography looks to be far more precise in detecting cancer, but Thermograms are equally potent. Additionally the entire thermography process does not expose the patient to any radiations which is in stark contrast to the technique which the Mammography uses. This in effect increases the risk of occurrence of cancer in patients who were previously pre-disposed of cancer. Add to it the factor that Thermography procedure produces 90% sensitivity of cancerous cells compared to that of 80% for Mammography along with the fact that Thermography is able to lay out the heat map of even large, dense, and fibrocystic breasts which Mammography is not able to and you know why Thermography is gaining momentum as a pre-invasive cancer detection procedure.

Mammography – A technology that breeds cancer?

Recent studies have shown that annual mammographic screenings increases the possibility of breast cancer among women – which means opening up an economic floodgate to cancer medicines, mammographic instruments and so on and so forth.

Mammography is the perfect marketing tool to ensure the tide of cancer patients invest inadvertently to the big booming business of pharmacy giants and bio- medical giants by breeding the very disease it is designed to detect. More no. of annual mammographic screenings ensures a steady flow of prospective cancer patients thereby churning out more profits for those who have invested big money in the cancer industry.


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